Explore Our Attractions

We have multiple attractions both inside and outside

Aqua Massage

A Revolution in Therapy ranging from a Deep tissue massage for pain relief to a gentle relaxation massage. Book an appointment today

Basketball Court
Full-sized gymnasium available for anyone when open. Members are free ~ Non-members are $5 per person. We are currently working on a outside basketball court.
Frisbee Golf

Our course contains 9 holes, each with its own unique set of obstacles. Free for Members ~ $5 for Non-members.

Batting Cage
We have two separate batting cages that can be rented by a single person or a group. Contact us for batting cage rates. 
Outside Walking Path

Located in the field across from our facility. The path follows the tree line and into the woods for a beautiful, relaxing walk.

Rock Wall

We have an indoor rock walk located in our Cross Training Room.

Located in both our men's and women's locker rooms. Free for Members ~ $5 for Non-members to use our sauna's. 

We have a large locker room hallway and lockers in our locker rooms. The lockers can be rented out by month, or can be used for the day at no charge.

Houtz Chiropractic Center

Houtz Chiropractic Center is located in the center of our facility offering varied chiropractic services. Contact them a (717) 899-5686.

Country Crossroads Senior Community Center

Country Crossroads Senior Community Center is located in the center of our facility offering varied senior activities and services. Contact them at (717) 899-7700.